Healthy Food And Health You

Healthy eating has become a fashion now. But it is not meaningless; the human body is like a machine. What you put in will be processed and there will be an output in the form of a healthy body or some times as too much fat in your body. Everyone wants to look beautiful and fit but many like eating yummy food too. However if you don’t manage what you eat, a shapely body is not going to happen just overnight.

Take care of your diet
Time and again doctors and physical instructors will advise you to not to eat too much in quantity, not to eat fat, sugar, carbohydrates too much and refrain from drinking carbonated beverages. They will also advise you to work out as much as possible. But we all know it is easier said than done. Especially if you are a family person with a full time job and kids, you will hardly find time to do your own work let alone workout in a gym. However that part must not be forgotten either; as a solution what you can do is making your day-to-day activities to an exercise session. You can walk to buy groceries, take stairs instead of the elevator, if your office is nearby rather than driving or taking a cab, walk there; also house works can also help. Rather than hiring a hand if you can clean the house yourself that also will add to the physical activities you are supposed to do. You can also make a small garden using a flute board and tend to it; that way you will have fresh veggies to eat and working out also is done.

Adverse effects of bad food
When doctors say not to eat fatty food, it’s not just because you will put on unnecessarily. Too much fat and carbs, which will turn in to sugar at the end, can cause many health hazards in human body. Food made with starch was developed later on; our bodies are not built in a way to sustain a lot of carbs; it needs greenery to “push” unwanted food out as excretory products. If, due to not enough water and fibrous items, food processing within our bodies is not done properly that can be a huge inconvenience to us. But the major threat comes from fat deposition. There are two types of fat, LDL and HDL, which are Low Density Cholesterol and high Density Cholesterol. Our bodies need HDL more; but the foods available, especially fast food and the like, have more LDL. They tend to deposit in our veins and block blood vessels. These can lead to heart diseases, strokes, paralysis and many other life threatening conditions.

Best things to eat
Of course, eating greenery is not a favourite of anyone. A method to make it work could be growing your own. If you have enough space you can build garden sheds out of hard plastic sheets and grow your own leafy vegetables. Eating them raw is the best. When you grew them yourself it will be an incentive to taste it rather than buying from outside. You can also guarantee the freshness and non-usage of pesticides. Taking care of yourself is not a secondary interest any more. But with the development in many areas in the world today you are presented with many options than earlier.sheet-plastic