Tips On Choosing The Right Type Of Flowers For Your Garden

There are various things any individual could carry out during their free time. One of the common things many people like to follow as a hobby is gardening. This specific hobby is not only great as an activity that you can engage in during your free time, it could also be a good work out and help you to improve your physical and mental health. Even though gardening could be fun, interesting and exciting, there are many people who fail in this activity for various reasons. One of the most common reasons could be pointed out as not knowing how to choose the right type of flowers to grow in your gardening. If you are a gardening rookie looking to grow a few plants, following are some tips to choose the right flowers for your garden.


Flowers such as Petunia, Sunflowers, Begonia and Strawflowers only bloom once a year. Even if you go to a Gold coast florist, you will not be able to find these flowers all year round. These flowers only grow during a specific season. If you want flowers to bloom all throughout the year, you need to make sure that you do not choose flowers that falls under the category of annuals. As the name suggests itself, the flowers only blooms once every year and might or might now regrow after the first year. Therefore, this is one type of flowers you can purchase for your garden if you are willing to regrow new plants every year.


Foxglove, Poppy, Sweet William and Wallflower are some flowers that falls under the category of biennials. Unlike annuals, biennials are plants that only grow once every two years. Similar to annuals, after the first bloom, you cannot expect the plants to regrow. However, if you are lucky, the seeds from the flowers will regrow and you will be able to see flowers blooming every two years. During the first year there will only be stems while you will see beautiful flowers during the second year. People like wedding florist Gold Coast avoid this type of flowers as it could be quite rare to find sometimes.


Beautiful flowers such as Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Iris, Lavender and Tulips are some of the flowers that are considered as perennials. Many gardeners decides to purchase flowers that falls into this category because these plants lasts up to three years or more depending on how you take care of them. There are various types of flowers that are available around the world. The above are some tips on choosing the right type of flowers for your garden.