Different Types Of Chinese Dough Balls

One of the most famous dishes in the country is the little dough balls that is created in different ways. There are many varieties of this beautiful food item and it ranges from different parts of China and can be categorized based on the occasions that it is used for. There are made from different type of sources of starch that wraps a filling of meat, yams, vegetables, fruits and even sweets. The Italian pasta ravioli is also falls into this category of food. It offers a very unique taste to the palate and therefore, many tourists ensure that they experience the taste and varieties of yummy dumplings. Here are a few types of this famous dish which help you distinguish when consuming it. There are three varieties of the dough balls. They are:


This type of dumpling is very light and is considered to be a healthy choice. They are perfect for breakfast on the go and can be enjoyed during anytime of the day or night. There are three famous types of this particular food item:

  • Shao Mai – A classic picture of this food can be seen when you look at Shao Mai. It originated from Mongolia however, the version created in Hong Kong is globally known. The fillings change depending on the season.
  • Xiaolangbao – This is a globally known cube shaped little ball of dough that has a filling of pork or is served in a rich broth.
  • Momo – The fillings in Momo ranges from vegetables, chicken, pork, mutton, meat of a yak is suitable. They are shaped like purses and originate from Tibet and Nepal. They are usually served with a spicy sepen dip.


A boiled dumpling can be poached or boiled and will have flavours full of diversity as it has both assortments of sweet and savoury. Shui Jiao, Hun tun and Tang yuan are some famous items.

  • Shui jiao – They are completely boiled and is considered to be the staple dish of Northern china. It is quite the same as a wonton but is served without the soup component. The texture and flavors are both different based on the filling.
  • Hun Tun – Hun tuns are also known as wonton and is served with egg noodle soup and the filling consists of shrimp. The wider range of it is filled with minced pork or Chinese cabbage.
  • Tang yuan – Tang yuan is also known as soup spheres and are very sweet dough balls. They have a filling of red bean, peanuts, or black sesame and is prepared according to the palates in each ate. The range is endless as it can be filled with jam to strawberries to chocolate.


They are usually pan or deep fried therefore, making you feel a bit heavy in the tummy. It is known to be comfort food and are being used as appetizers.

  • Guo tie – this is pan fried and is the alternative to boiled Shui Jian as it is made with a thicker skin. The filling consists of leeks, cabbage or pork.
  • Fried Wonton – this is deep fried and is eaten by dipping in sweet and sour dip which is locally and internationally a crowd favourite.
    Hope you enjoy tasting the different varieties mentioned and a few more unique ones during one of your foodie moments.